Making a Hit with Kitchen Remodeling in 2016

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take a look forward to 2016 and see what trends will be hot in the new year for home remodeling. Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, it makes sense to start there. The kitchen can add tremendous functionality… Continue Reading

What’s the Best Tile Material?

Are you about to start on a Bonita Springs home remodeling project and want to tackle a brand-new tile floor? We don’t blame you – tile is definitely in, and is easily one of the most popular flooring types in this area. It’s not just for traditional uses for the bathroom, kitchen, and lanai, either;… Continue Reading

Renovating a Small Bathroom on a Budget

One Fort Myers home remodeling project that many people look to when sprucing up their home is the bathroom. But not just any bathroom: specifically, people want to upgrade their powder rooms or small bathrooms to get the most value out of the space. Understandably, not a lot of people dedicate big budgets for such… Continue Reading

Home Remodeling for a Faster Sale

Selling your home? Want to wow potential buyers for a quicker sale? Short of changing your price, home remodeling is the most important thing you can do to improve your home and make it more attractive for a faster sale. Here are some tips you can follow to use home remodeling to improve your home… Continue Reading

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets for 2016

For 2016, you may want to spice up your kitchen and remodel it. After all, the kitchen is the most important room in the home for many homeowners, so it makes sense to give it the style and class you’ve always wanted for that room. Choosing kitchen cabinets involves knowing what types are available and… Continue Reading

Designs, DIY, and More: Home Remodeling in 2016

2016 is almost here, and it’s time to look ahead to the New Year and see what we can do to make your home remodeling experience better than ever. One thing that we want to avoid is making a mistake with your home remodeling projects in 2016. Mistakes happen, and while some of them are… Continue Reading

Making a Hit with Kitchen Remodeling in 2016

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take a look forward to 2016 and see what trends will be hot in the new year for home remodeling. Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, it makes sense to start there. The kitchen can add tremendous functionality… Continue Reading

Creating Open Floor Plans for Homes in Southwest Florida

Most new homes built in Southwest Florida come with open floor plans. It’s what’s in vogue now and has been for some time, and buyers have come to expect openness in the home’s layout. But what if your home doesn’t have an open floor plan? What can do you do to fix that? You can… Continue Reading

What Type of Lighting Should You Choose?

  What’s one of the most important components for a home? If you said lighting, you’d be absolutely correct! Lighting is very important when it comes to the overall look and ambiance of a home. It can set a mood, liven up a space, or create the perfect atmosphere. It can accentuate a certain area… Continue Reading

Why Remodel in Bonita Springs Now?

One of the questions many homeowners ask us is “DO I REMODEL NOW”? There are many reasons to consider remodeling your home now with a Bonita Springs remodeling project. 20 years ago people remodeled purely for the appreciation and return they would get on their investment. Now there is a shift and people have started… Continue Reading

Turning a Tub into a Shower | Bonita Springs Remodeling

  Most homes in the Bonita Springs area have showers – indeed, showers come standard in virtually all new homes built today. But there are still plenty of homes that have tubs. Maybe a homeowner doesn’t want a tub. Maybe he or she wants the shower to be bigger and more luxurious. Removing the tub… Continue Reading

Bonita Springs Remodeling Wants Versus Needs

As Bonita Springs remodeling contractors, we’ve dealt with many homeowners who have made renovations to their home out of need. For example, a growing family needed a new bedroom. A self-employed entrepreneur needed a home office. A couple with children who had moved out needed to convert an unused bedroom to something more functional. Remodeling… Continue Reading

Hiring a Certified Home Remodeling Contractor

When thinking about remodeling a home, you can go it alone and do it yourself, like so many on HGTV and other TV channels. Of course, you have to keep in mind that these are trained professionals with years of experience! “Going it alone” for them is a lot different than it is for the… Continue Reading

Three More Mistakes with Home Remodeling Projects

Earlier this year, back in February, we detailed three mistakes made with home remodeling projects. Among those mistakes were classics like not knowing what you want, not understanding costs, and being out of place by adding something that isn’t cohesive with the rest of the home. Unfortunately, there are additional mistakes one can make when… Continue Reading

Simplify! How to Make a Home Remodeling Project Go Smoothly

When you think about it, home remodeling projects are kind of crazy. For a period of a week to two or more weeks (sometimes even months), you invite total strangers into your home to essentially make a big mess. There are loud noises, dust, debris, holes, messes, and other annoyances brought into your home, and… Continue Reading

Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Fall is almost upon us. College football starts this week, the weather will start to cool, the kids are back in school, and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here. Now’s the perfect time to create an outdoor space that will make your neighbors envious and your friends and family amazed whenever they come… Continue Reading

Tile Installation: Should You Do It Yourself?

Tile in bathrooms and kitchens has always been popular, but these days, that particular type of flooring is perhaps even more popular than it has been because of the intricate, modern designs coming out – along with exotic materials that you can choose from. When it comes to putting down tile in Bonita Springs remodeling… Continue Reading

Going Green with Your Bonita Springs Remodeling Project

Everyone wants a home that stands out as a result of a Bonita Springs remodeling project. Now, though, it’s not enough to just be outstanding; you have to also be green! Environmentally-friendly remodeling is all the rage. For starters, it helps the environment. But it also adds benefits to your home by potentially saving money… Continue Reading

Need Kitchen Remodeling Ideas? Here’s a Checklist

Do you want great things from your kitchen remodeling project – results that will make your kitchen the envy of anyone in the neighborhood? Everyone wants that, but sometimes, homeowners can get lost in the big picture and never really figure out what they want their kitchen to be. Some of this stems from the… Continue Reading

Having Fun with LED Lights | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Want to have a little fun in your home? Add LED lights as a part of a Bonita Springs remodeling project and fill your home with the most in-demand source of lighting on the market today. Homeowners are moving more and more toward LED lighting throughout the home, in virtually any room, from the kitchen… Continue Reading

Hot Appliance Trends for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Want a kitchen remodeling project that revamps your kitchen and adds great value to your home – as well as makes it modern and up-to-date? You need to take advantage of latest trends in the kitchen, the home’s most important room, especially as they concern the latest cutting-edge appliance innovations. Appliances can make or break… Continue Reading

Choosing Flooring for Your Bonita Springs Remodeling Project

  What type of flooring do you want for your Bonita Springs remodeling project? Sometimes, deciding this can be easier said than done. With so many choices out there, it’s not the easiest thing to decide. Even if you know you want hardwoods, for example, what kind of wood are you going to pick? And… Continue Reading

Remodeling for Aging Baby Boomers | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Like fine wine, people only get better with age. That is certainly true for America’s current senior generation, the Baby Boomers, who are flocking to Southwest Florida for a well-deserved retirement. Of course, not all homes are created with Baby Boomers in mind. In fact, many homes are downright unfriendly toward aging Americans. That’s just… Continue Reading

Budgeting for Your Bathroom Remodel Project | Bonita Springs Remodeling

When planning a Bonita Springs remodeling project, one of the most important things you can do is create a budget. Budgeting for any project allows you to avoid overspending, but also allows you to set aside enough money for the job. Without a budget, you’re heading into what could be a complicated project without any… Continue Reading

The Pitfalls of DIY Remodeling | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Every now and then, homeowners get the urge to take on a Bonita Springs remodeling project. Whether it’s redoing the kitchen or laying floor, these projects seem great at first thought. “After all,” homeowners think, “we can save money by doing it ourselves. How hard can it be?” The temptation to save money by taking… Continue Reading

Creating a Resort-Quality Bathroom | Bonita Springs Remodeling

If you’ve ever been to an elite luxury resort, or to a five-star spa, you’ve probably noticed just how sophisticated and luxurious the bathrooms are. There’s nothing quite like relaxing for a nice, deep soak, or enjoying a soothing shower in a gorgeous room with the rich touches of the highest quality around you. With… Continue Reading

Building the Perfect Kitchen Island | Bonita Springs Remodeling

What’s the first thing you probably notice about a kitchen when you first see it? For many people, it’s the kitchen island. Not every kitchen has an island, but many do – and the trend is to not only have islands, but to make them bigger and better than ever before. It’s hard to go… Continue Reading

Adding a Sunroom to Your Home | Bonita Springs Remodeling

One popular Bonita Springs remodeling project involves bringing the outdoors into the home: creating a sunroom. Sunrooms are very popular in Southwest Florida. They bring the sunlight into your home to illuminate and warm the space, a space you can use for relaxing, leisure reading, spending time with your family, entertaining guests, or a host… Continue Reading

Getting More Value by Adding a Room | Bonita Springs Remodeling

We all want to add more value to our homes. Of course, there’s only so much value we can add by a fresh coat of paint or a bit of new landscaping. Sometimes, we have to make serious changes and renovations to our homes to increase their value. One Bonita Springs remodeling project that can… Continue Reading

Three Things to Avoid with Bonita Springs Remodeling

Remodeling a home is an awesome adventure that pays dividends in both enjoying a house more and getting more value out of it. But sometimes we can get lost in the excitement of the project and get ahead of ourselves – and get ourselves into trouble. Bonita Springs remodeling projects can be costly and time-consuming… Continue Reading

Three Home Remodeling Tips for Your Next Project

Home remodeling is a time-honored tradition among homeowners who want to upgrade their homes – either to enjoy them more and get the exactly how they want them, or to spruce them up so they can put their homes on the market. But heading into a home remodeling project unprepared is dangerous, because remodeling is… Continue Reading

Adding More Storage Space to Your Home | Bonita Springs Remodeling

When clients come to us with Bonita Springs remodeling projects, they often have a pretty common request: help us create more storage! Storage is undervalued and underrated. People don’t realize how much they value having a place to put all their things until they run out of space and have to improvise. That’s usually when… Continue Reading

Taking a Look at the AIA Home Design Trends Survey | Fort Myers Remodeling

Ready for a Fort Myers remodeling project that will take advantage of the latest trends and keep your home looking polished and up-to-date? You’re in luck – the American Institute of Architects just released its latest Home Design Trends Survey, which surveyed residential architects from across the country. The survey asked them about the latest… Continue Reading

Should You Install a Hardwood Floor Yourself? | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Deciding whether or not you want to do it yourself depends in a large way on what type of floor you’re installing, since this will alter the difficulty level – the most important factor in doing it yourself. There are three general types of hardwood floors: Laminate flooring- The most inexpensive option. Laminate flooring is… Continue Reading

Adding a Room to Your Home | Bonita Springs Remodeling

As Bonita Springs remodeling specialists, we’ve helped countless clients renovate and remodel their homes, from revamping their bathrooms to putting new countertops in their kitchens. Many projects consist of homeowners reworking their existing floor space and turning what already exists into something better. But occasionally, homeowners want to take it to another level and enlarge… Continue Reading

Finding Clever Home Remodeling Ideas | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Want to remodel your home, but aren’t sure what to do? Want something that is really creative, something that is imaginative that will make your guests’ jaws drop? You’re in good company. Most homeowners all crave great inspiration and ideas for their Bonita Springs home remodeling projects. But it can be hard to figure out… Continue Reading

Setting a Realistic Budget for Bonita Springs Remodeling

When beginning a Bonita Springs remodeling project, we all want to do it the “right way” – a way that doesn’t involve spending more than we want; a way that gives us a perfect plan moving forward; a way that is smooth and stress-free. Unfortunately, one of the most common errors people make at the… Continue Reading

Three Big Mistakes Made with Home Remodeling Projects

We all want our home remodeling projects to go along smoothly. But sometimes, things go wrong – and some of the mistakes we make occur before the project even begins! Here are three mistakes homeowners often make when planning on pursuing home remodeling projects. Mistake #1: Not Knowing Exactly What You Want Sometimes, owners get… Continue Reading

Going High-Tech: Wireless Controls with Bonita Springs Remodeling

Want to really transform your home with Bonita Springs remodeling? Try something new, innovative, and cutting-edge cool: wireless controls. Going wireless throughout your home is a fantastic way to remodel your property and take advantage of all the benefits of today’s technology. It’s not just cool – it’s popular, too. Going high-tech has consistently been… Continue Reading

Should You Remodel or Move? | Bonita Springs Remodeling

We have helped countless homeowners with their Bonita Springs remodeling projects, and in the process we have encountered several different reasons for why they chose to remodel their homes. This might surprise you, but many homeowners actually decided to remodel their home instead of selling it and moving to another property. It makes sense; if… Continue Reading

Wood Countertops Are Making a Comeback | Southwest FL Remodeling

We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go during our years spent as Southwest FL remodeling experts. What is hot and fresh now was probably hot and fresh years ago, only to fall off and lose popularity as it was replaced by something else – something that was, in turn, replaced by today’s trends.… Continue Reading

Making Eco-Friendly Improvements to Your Home | Southwest FL Remodeling

Everyone wants a beautiful home – but what about a home that is friendly not only to the environment, but your bank account? Today, one growing trend with Southwest FL remodeling is updating homes to be more eco-friendly. Having an environmentally-conscious home is not only good for the Earth, but it can also be good… Continue Reading

Home Remodeling Trends for 2015

  The new year is well underway, and that means it’s time to start thinking about home remodeling in 2015. We already covered bathroom remodeling trends in 2015, so what else can we expect this year? What big trends will we see here in the Sunshine State? Predicting trends is always tricky, in part because… Continue Reading

Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2015

It’s the new year, and every home owner that is contemplating a remodeling project this year probably has asked themselves the same question at some point: What are the current and emerging bathroom remodeling trends? From removing bathtubs and adding glass showers to increasing natural lighting, we have a look at the top three bathroom… Continue Reading

Upgrading Your Kitchen Countertops | Bonita Springs Remodeling

Ready for another Bonita Springs remodeling project? Last week, we talked about options for your bathroom flooring. This week, we’ll tackle another popular topic: kitchen countertops. Ask people what they value the most in their kitchens and you’ll get a few different responses. Near the top of the list – if not at the very… Continue Reading

Exploring Bathroom Flooring Options | Estero Remodeling

If you’re planning on an Estero remodeling project that tackles the bathroom – easily one of the most important rooms in the home and a favorite target for homeowners – then you’ll be faced with lots of choices that will determine how satisfied you will be with the final product. One of these choices concerns… Continue Reading

Exploring Current Trends in Bonita Springs Remodeling

When we engage in Bonita Springs remodeling, we want to do several things all at once. We want to: Improve our homes; Keep up with the neighbors; and Do something unique and creative. Sometimes, doing all of these at once with a single project is difficult, which is why most homeowners elect to try and… Continue Reading

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Home remodeling – whether it’s a large project or a small one – is a big deal. This is your home, after all. You want to make sure that whatever you are planning to do to your home is done professionally, efficiently, and responsibly. That is the duty of your home remodeling contractor – to… Continue Reading

Check Out This Commercial Building That’s Now a Home | Home Remodeling

For decades, a commercial building in Auburn, AL held a succession of small businesses, one after another. In the 1920’s, it was a pool and dance hall. In the ‘30’s and 40’s, it was a café. In the ‘90’s and early 2000’s, it housed a construction company, heating and air company, and plumbing storehouse. Now,… Continue Reading

Check Out This Curb Appeal Home Remodeling Project

When thinking about home remodeling, we tend to focus on the interior. After all, we want our kitchens to sparkle, our bathrooms to look comfortable, and our bedrooms to be inviting. We focus so much on the inside of our home at times that we can easily neglect the exterior – especially when we are… Continue Reading

The Top Hot Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Earlier, we covered the top trends in kitchen remodeling and how you can use them to transform one of the most important rooms in the home. Now, we’ll cover trends for another key room: the bathroom. Strong bathrooms add so much to a home. It’s one of the rooms in a home you want to… Continue Reading

The Top Hot Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Want to make your kitchen a dynamite room that everyone will fall in love with on first sight? Most homeowners do – after all, the kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the house. No matter if you’re renovating it for your family or getting your kitchen looking great for when you… Continue Reading

Remodeling Projects that Add Value| Remodeling Fort Myers

Do you want to improve your home and add something special to your property through remodeling? Fort Myers is filled with examples of homeowners who have added a great deal of value to their homes through timely and appropriate renovations. But what home remodeling projects offer the most value? What are the best projects in… Continue Reading

Why You Need a Certified Remodeling Contractor| Fort Myers Remodeling

If you want to remodel your home, you probably are looking for a professional remodeling contractor. Fort Myers is a great place to live, and you want a home that matches our stunning environment. But who should you pick? Aren’t all remodeling contractors created equal? And why do I want a remodeling contractor that is… Continue Reading

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