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Home Remodeling for a Faster Sale


Selling your home? Want to wow potential buyers for a quicker sale?

Short of changing your price, home remodeling is the most important thing you can do to improve your home and make it more attractive for a faster sale.

Here are some tips you can follow to use home remodeling to improve your home before putting it on the market.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first rooms people want to see when they’re thinking about buying a home. An old-fashioned kitchen is really tough to sell, and drags down a home’s perceived value – and it’s all about perceived value.

Even something like new countertops, or new cabinets, can really boost the look of a kitchen. A few coats of fresh paint and a backsplash can work wonders too. You don’t have to tear out a kitchen – unless that kitchen is too small and confined, that is.

Add Extra Storage

People are always looking for storage. We can’t have enough. Adding storage is a good way to add perceived value to your home, whether it’s in the home or in the back yard or garage.

Custom shelving, new rooms, and utility space under the stairs – all of this contributes to a more attractive home.

Add a Study or Home Office

Studies and home offices add value and versatility to a home. They can be turned into bedrooms, used for home businesses, turned into media rooms, or used for a variety of other purposes. Plus, they add square footage if you choose to build onto your home. But you don’t always have to add new square footage; often, you can just convert existing space for this purpose.

Improve Your Lighting

We’ve talked previously on this blog about the importance of great lighting. Adding exceptional lighting throughout the home spruces up the ambiance and creates a mood that can help sell a home quickly.

For your home remodeling needs, contact New Leaf Construction. We’d be more than happy to help make your home a dream, even if you plan on selling it.