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Creating Open Floor Plans for Homes in Southwest Florida

bonita springs remodeling

bonita springs remodeling

Most new homes built in Southwest Florida come with open floor plans. It’s what’s in vogue now and has been for some time, and buyers have come to expect openness in the home’s layout.

But what if your home doesn’t have an open floor plan? What can do you do to fix that? You can take steps to alter your home’s layout whether you want to sell it and get more value for it or simply make your home more functional for you and your family.

Here’s a simple walkthrough to creating a more open floor plan for your next Bonita Springs remodeling project.

Clarify Your Goals

What’s the end result for your project? What do you want your home to look like? Will you be remodeling the kitchen or other rooms at the same time?

You’ll have to determine this before you take any serious steps toward opening up your home. Working with a professional can help you visualize the space before any walls are removed!

Assess Your Home

Opening up a home involves a lot of heavy work. If you’ve seen any home improvement show on TV, you know that usually means knocking down walls.

Not every wall can just be knocked down without consequence. Many interior walls are structural in nature. This doesn’t mean you can’t remove them; you just have to make sure you can reinforce the vacated area with a beam or other means of support.

There also may need to be work done on the foundation, or work done on the electrical and plumbing. Wires and pipes might have to be rerouted. You’ll get a better feel for what needs to be done as you assess the environment.

A Bonita Springs remodeling expert can help you assess your home to see what can be done with load-bearing walls and what can’t be done. During this phase, you’ll work with your contractor to shape and mold the plan, coming up with a strategy that achieves your goals in a safe, efficient manner.

Starting Construction

Opening up a home can create an inconvenience to your family. There’s a lot going on. Depending on what you’re doing to it, you may not want to be in your home during the project.

Your contractor will give you a timeline, and an idea for who will be in and out of your home during the duration of the project. Demolition will happen first.  Once the space is cleaned up from demo, your contractor will frame the new walls (if necessary), install support beams, then Ductwork, electrical and plumbing for your new layout. With all of these items complete we’ll be ready to install finishes like cabinetry, paint and trims molding.

Contact us if you want to open up your home and create a more fluid floor plan that is modern, spacious, airy, and appealing.