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Going Green with Your Bonita Springs Remodeling Project

Everyone wants a home that stands out as a result of a Bonita Springs remodeling project.

Now, though, it’s not enough to just be outstanding; you have to also be green!

Environmentally-friendly remodeling is all the rage. For starters, it helps the environment. But it also adds benefits to your home by potentially saving money on your energy bill and construction costs over time. For those reasons, we see more and more homeowners looking to be more environmentally-conscious when they start their remodeling.

Here are some tips you can follow to make your Bonita Springs remodeling project a green one.

Choose Green-Friendly Materials

A lot of what makes a home green is in what it is constructed of.

You can make green choices by choosing the right types of materials instead of the classics. For example, instead of buying all new material, you can choose to add some charm and style to your home by using salvaged materials.

You can also choose to go with sustainable materials when working on certain parts of your home. Instead of using hardwood or carpet, for example, you can use reclaimed wood, cork, or bamboo, which are all more sustainable than the traditional options.

Also, when painting, choose low or no-VOC paints. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which can be toxic to the environment.

Choose the Right Appliances and Lights

When working on your kitchen, all of your appliances should be Energy Star-rated. This ensures that they consume less energy, which is better for the environment and your bank account.

When it comes to lighting, choose LED lighting that is energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Most homes use LED lighting anyway, but there are still some homeowners that use other, less-efficient types of lights.

Select Environmentally-Friendly Fixtures

Finally, choose the right fixtures, particularly in the bathroom.

Toilets and showers come to mind. Choose low-flow toilets and put flow reducers on your showers and sinks so that they consume less water. Less water means a better environment and lower monthly water bills. Every little bit adds up, so choose wisely.

Want more advice on green remodeling? Contact your expert Bonita Springs remodeling specialists at New Leaf today!