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Going Alternative: Choosing Different Materials for Remodeling

We all want our homes to look their best – but we also want them to keep up with trends and styles.

Even though we want trendy homes, that doesn’t mean we can’t go off the beaten path and think outside the box from time to time. (In fact, doing just that is a trend in and of itself!)

Instead of choosing the same old materials for your Bonita Springs remodeling project as everyone else, think about trying something different – something that gives your home that unique edge.

Here are a few Bonita Springs remodeling suggestions for alternative materials.

Instead of Granite Countertops, Try…

Polished metal.

Polished metal – either stainless steel or something really out there like copper – has become more popular as people look for alternatives to the traditional granite countertop.

Metal is in because it is durable, resilient, and attractive. It gives a unique look and feel to a kitchen and helps the kitchen more resemble a high-end galley in a five-star restaurant. Whether it’s copper, steel, brushed nickel, or something else altogether, polished metal countertops represent a bold, alternative look to high-end stone like granite or quartz.

Instead of Maple or Cherry Cabinets, Try…

Bamboo or lyptus.

Oak, maple, and cherry cabinets form the three most popular types of woods for cabinets, but that doesn’t mean you have to use one of them. Alternatives like bamboo or lyptus are becoming popular because they have many of the same qualities – durability being one of them – but also come with unique looks.

Lyptus in particular is great because it actually resembles cherry in terms of hue and color variation. It’s also sustainable if you’re looking for environmentally-friendly options.

Instead of Tile Bathroom Floors, Try…

Solid hardwood.

Hardwood is a great alternative option for a bathroom because of the pleasing aesthetic properties it offers. It can make your bathroom look like a luxury spa. Darker hardwood options tend to work best, especially with the contrast offered against a white tub and vanity.

If you need more suggestions for Bonita Springs remodeling projects, contact us today!