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Need Inspiration for Fort Myers Remodeling? Check Out These Websites

When it comes to Fort Myers remodeling, sometimes we know we want to do something to our homes – we just don’t know what.

Should we change the kitchen? If so, what should it look like? What about adding a bedroom – what are some creative ways we could do that? Or, what are other people doing to their exteriors?

The Internet is a great place to turn to when looking for that extra-special spark of creativity, for that “Eureka!” moment. If you want to inspire yourself and come up with stellar ideas for your next Fort Myers remodeling project, check out these websites.


Remodelista.com started out as a site for those who wanted to plan renovations and remodeling for high-end homes. While it still has a lot of that info on the site, complete with how-to guides and picture galleries, it has since expanded to offer a more well-rounded approach to homeowners looking for creativity.

A sampling of articles on Remodelista:

  • “Remodeling 101: Bedside Lighting”
  • “Hollywood Tale: A Spec House with Uncommon Style”
  • “Steal This Look: An Exotic Tiled Kitchen”

This Old House

ThisOldHouse.com is a wonderful website full of ideas for people looking for a more contemporary style, especially with a do-it-yourself flavor. It’s full of practical advice that not only shares ideas, but gives you an insight into how they are actually executed.

One good feature they do quite often is feature a home that has been fully restored and give you a visual tour of the project from start to finish, so you can not only see the before-and-after, but also read the story behind it all.

HGTV Remodels

Finally, there’s HGTV Remodels, a website that gives you a very practical look at remodeling and renovating a home, from small, simple projects to complicated, larger schemes. Styles featured range from ultra-modern to retro and everything in between.

Sample articles on the website:

  • “Tile Trends: 10 Fresh Surround Options”
  • “Photo Diary: Behind the Scenes at the Build”
  • “Floor Plans: Explore the Modern Farmhouse Layout”

When in doubt, of course, you can always turn to Fort Myers remodeling experts who can share with you plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.