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Exploring Current Trends in Bonita Springs Remodeling

When we engage in Bonita Springs remodeling, we want to do several things all at once. We want to:

  • Improve our homes;
  • Keep up with the neighbors; and
  • Do something unique and creative.

Sometimes, doing all of these at once with a single project is difficult, which is why most homeowners elect to try and at least keep up with the latest trends in remodeling. Examining trends gives us inspiration, while also ensuring that our homes are at least as nice as our neighbors and have the latest, greatest amenities and features.

As Bonita Springs remodeling specialists, we’ve observed quite a few trends come and go over the years. It seems like each season brings a new flourish that homeowners are eager to adopt for their projects.

Some of these cues are taken from new home construction trends. For example, people today are electing for bigger floor plans to spaces that are smaller and more manageable when they build their new homes. In remodeling, we can often achieve the same result by expanding the floor area of a given room by knocking down walls and opening up a space.

Another trend is all about the details. Homeowners today simply demand better details, from luxury amenities to intricate architecture and quality finishes. Gourmet kitchens in particular are in high demand, as are luxurious master baths with all the trappings. You can even go as specific as saying that subway tile in the bathroom is catching on – small details that nevertheless make an impact.

You can see how a couple of homeowners changed key rooms in their home with these before-and-after shots of the kitchen and the bathroom:

bonita springs remodelingbonita springs remodelingbonita springs remodelingbonita springs remodeling

It’s worth talking to other homeowners, checking out remodeling websites, and having conversations with Bonita Springs remodeling experts to get a feel for what is in style today. Chances are, you’ll learn about a new feature, detail, or amenity that you’ll think you just have to have – something that will only make your home better.

Talk to us today if you want to learn more about the latest trends in remodeling and renovating and how you can incorporate them into your next project.