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Check Out This Curb Appeal Home Remodeling Project

When thinking about home remodeling, we tend to focus on the interior. After all, we want our kitchens to sparkle, our bathrooms to look comfortable, and our bedrooms to be inviting. We focus so much on the inside of our home at times that we can easily neglect the exterior – especially when we are preparing to sell a home.

But the exterior matters. It’s the first impression people will have of your home, and it definitely deserves attention.

ThisOldHouse.com understands the importance of curb appeal. They recently published a feature in which they took an ordinary-looking home and, with the magic of Photoshop, transformed it. Let’s see what they did.

The Before Picture

The home in question is a ranch-style home in Portland, Oregon. As you can see, there’s nothing remarkable about this home’s exterior. If you were a buyer, you wouldn’t be excited by what you see. Instead, you’d see a drab, featureless appearance with no color, no excitement, and nothing to want you to see more.

home remodeling

To see what it could look like, ThisOldHouse.com invited Holah Design and Architecture to play around with the home in Photoshop.

The After Picture

This is what they came up with:

 home remodeling

What’s the first thing you notice? You probably notice a wealth of color, provided by a new surface on the exterior, plus a painted red door (red is a great color for front doors) and multi-colored flowers in flower beds, hanging from window sills, and on a trellis.

You’ll also notice that the main front window was changed from a multi-faceted version to one with one, solid stretch of glass – an arrangement that is more open and inviting. The same goes for the other windows, which are also no longer surrounded by shutters in a more modern look.

Plus, there’s a trellis that serves as a mini-covered porch area to the left. Finally, they created a peaked gable in the front of the home that adds more space to the home and breaks up the flat monotony of the previous exterior.

Read the entire article for more details of the transformation. Home modeling can completely change the look of your home’s exterior in a dramatic way and turn any home into an appealing, must-see property.