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Check Out This Commercial Building That’s Now a Home | Home Remodeling

For decades, a commercial building in Auburn, AL held a succession of small businesses, one after another. In the 1920’s, it was a pool and dance hall. In the ‘30’s and 40’s, it was a café. In the ‘90’s and early 2000’s, it housed a construction company, heating and air company, and plumbing storehouse.

Now, it houses a family – all through the magic of home remodeling.

HGTV’s show “You Live in What?” explores unusual living arrangements.  They’ve profiled a ferry, an old train depot, and an ice cream factory. This run-down commercial building is just the latest in a long line of strange places that have been transformed into livable homes for adventurous homeowners.

As you can see, the building wasn’t much when the current homeowners got to it. It needed an extensive amount of work on the inside, and the exterior wasn’t much to look at, either.

home remodeling

home remodeling

But through extensive home remodeling, the homeowners were able to transform the space by taking advantage of existing partitions and knocking down other walls to create an open floor plan with a combined living room and kitchen, along with a second living room that even comes with a giant sliding metal door to separate the two.

home remodeling

The four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms were adapted from existing rooms and facilities. The homeowners were also able to restore the unique paneled ceiling, as well as keep the picturesque brick wall surfacing throughout the home as a reminder of the building’s former past. The result is a unique mix of a modern touch with preservation of the building’s historic look.

home remodeling

The master bathroom is decorated with galvanized tin roofing showers as well as concrete slab countertops around the sink, giving the bathroom a thoroughly urban look and feel.

The homeowners did a great job with their home remodeling partners transforming this space into a charming home – a home that used to be an abandoned commercial building. Hopefully their story will inspire you to transform your own home in a big way.