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Remodeling Projects that Add Value| Remodeling Fort Myers

Do you want to improve your home and add something special to your property through remodeling? Fort Myers is filled with examples of homeowners who have added a great deal of value to their homes through timely and appropriate renovations.

But what home remodeling projects offer the most value? What are the best projects in terms of value versus how much effort and money they cost?

Here are some remodeling projects that offer a significant return on your investment.

Adding a Deck to Your Home

One of the best projects in terms of ROI is actually adding a deck to your home.

According to the 2014 Cost Vs Value report published by Remodeling magazine for Fort Myers, building a wooden deck cost $8,372 on average and added resale value of $9,654, for a ROI on 115.3 percent. This was by far the biggest increase for midrange projects. They considered the average project to be adding a 16-by-20-foot deck complete with stairs and a railing.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Everyone likes the idea of completely changing a kitchen, especially in older homes to make it a bit more modern.

For Fort Myers, Remodeling found that your typical minor kitchen remodel cost $17,790 and returned a value of $16,734, which is a recoup of 94.1 percent. Since a modern, remodeled kitchen is always in demand, and since the kitchen is such an important room when it comes to prospective homebuyers, it makes sense to look at changing things up in your kitchen.

Garage Door Replacement

If adding a deck offered the best ROI, what came in second? Believe it or not, something as simple as upgrading your garage door saw the second-highest ROI.

This typically called for taking the original door and replacing it with a four-section garage door on new tracks while using the existing motorized opener (if present). If there wasn’t previously a garage door, adding one adds even more value. The typical cost for this project was $1,429; the recouped value was $1,512, a return of 106 percent.