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The Top Hot Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

From HGTVRemodeling.com

Want to make your kitchen a dynamite room that everyone will fall in love with on first sight? Most homeowners do – after all, the kitchen is easily one of the most important rooms in the house. No matter if you’re renovating it for your family or getting your kitchen looking great for when you go to sell the home, kitchen remodeling can give your home that boost.

Here are kitchen remodeling trends that you can incorporate into your next project.

Lighter, Brighter Kitchens

One major trend is bringing light into the kitchen and transforming dark, shut-in kitchens into breezy, open spaces with plenty of brightness.

Lighting plays a big role. Simply changing your lights and maybe adding a few throughout the room can make a big difference. You can go even further by adding windows, which is mainly accomplished by shifting cabinetry or adding cabinets that go to the ceiling and give you more vertical space to make up for having to move them.

Some ambitious homeowners have even added skylights to their kitchens and dining areas, or have turned their single doors into French doors. You can even eliminate a wall that divides the kitchen from the dining room to create one open space.

Stainless Steel and Granite

The look and feel of your kitchen is important, especially if you want to sell your home at some point.

One major trend involves the winning combination of stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. This combination has manifested itself in countless kitchens all throughout the nation, across all areas. It knows no geographic limit and can be found anywhere from starter homes to multi-million dollar properties.

To upgrade, you don’t have to replace your appliances to get that stainless steel look. You can actually just cover them up with stainless-steel covers. You can also get a granite “look” on a budget, although you’ll trade off some of the durability of real granite.

Alternative Wood Cabinetry

Maple has long since been a wood of choice when it comes to cabinetry. But, that doesn’t mean you’re limited; in fact, people are moving away from traditional choices and choosing different options.

Cherry and other darker woods, like mahogany, are becoming popular. And alternative woods are rising in popularity. One hot trend: bamboo. Bamboo is not only durable, but also looks very nice once stained. You’ll pay a bit more for alternative woods, but the finished effect is worth it.